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Mike Donehey releases new podcast, ‘Chasing The Beauty,’ ahead of new music single


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Recently, on Thursday, former Tenth Avenue North frontman Mike Donehey dropped his brand new podcast called Chasing The Beauty available on the Accessmore podcast app. The first episode, “A Wedding and a Funeral,” features bandmates Jason Jamison and Jeff Owen in an exclusive interview since the bands breakup in February 2020.

Since the bands breakup, Donehey had been exploring the idea for a new podcast. “I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for probably ten years now,” Donehey says in an statement exclusively released to ATR News. “But the timing never felt quite right. With the band deciding to separate, and a global pandemic this year, I finally found the space to put together some episodes that will hopefully both inspire and liberate people.”

Donehey goes on to say, “Chasing the Beauty is the idea that we find God where we insist on looking for Him. And that means, I believe, He can be found anywhere, if we have eyes to see.”

In addition to his new podcast, Donehey has also announced on social media that he will be releasing a song called, “Better,” on December 15. “Along with recording podcasts, songwriting became a harbor for me this year. A friend of mine likens songs to lifeboats. We write songs that others cling to in the midst of life’s storms. I made quite a few lifeboats for myself this year. After writing somewhere near 75 songs this year, I decided to go ahead and release one. This song “Better” has had me in tears every time I’ve played it. It reminds me that things getting easier and things getting better aren’t always the same thing. I’m most excited for the guest I have on this song, my wife.”

We asked Donehey more about how his wife got into the song. “She was told she was a bad singer when she was young and as a result, has never sung in public. Maybe the quarantine got to her, but she finally agreed to sing on a song. And since this song began as a love song between the two of us, her singing on the track brings me to tears every time. It also speaks to the reality that, relationally, for things to get “better” it takes both people agreeing to try.”

In summing up the song, he says, “I really think this song is a perfect anthem for the end of 2020 and the much anticipated beginning of a new year.”

For more information about Mike Donehey, visit mikedonehey.com.

This story has been updated with additional details, background information and reaction.

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