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“Louder Than the Lies” album review


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What You Need To Know…

Dream Records recording artist Joel Vaughn returns with brand new music on January 29, 2021. The four-track collection was produced by Vaughn, along with Christian Hale and Micah Kuiper, and features the infectious pop melodies, R&B-tinged vocals, and Hope-filled lyrics the artist has become known for. In addition, the set includes two bonus videos. 

Louder Than The Lies showcases the current hit single, “Already Done,” written by Vaughn along with Jonathan Gamble and Micah Kuiper. Continuing his successful track record at Christian radio, “Already Done” carries a message of empowerment and victory while facing life’s greatest obstacles. The collection also includes the accompanying music video, directed by Joey Jacob of The JACO Collective, which melds Vaughn and his band’s performance of the song with modern dance elements.

Additionally, the project features the melodic “Make The Most Of It,” a passionate pledge to “live with no regrets”; “I Would Be Lost,” which joyfully celebrates our home in Christ; and the string-laden “It’s Okay,” a poignant ballad conveying hope in Him in the midst of great loss.

What It Sounds Like…

Joel Vaughn’s music has captivated me from the beginning. When I first heard his music, I honestly thought his music sounded like a cross between Chris Tomlin and Micah Tyler. Vaughn’s smooth pop-style vocals never fail on this new set of songs.

Spiritual Insight…

On the song, ​”Make The Most Of It,” we are told that no matter what trials are holding us back, we have to keep moving forward with no regrets. I think adding a line or two on prayer would’ve sealed the deal for me on this track. That’s what it takes. Whatever the circumstance, learn to pray to pray through those moments where it seems impossible and continuing making the most of it with no regrets.

“Already Done” is a song about how Jesus has already overcome the world. This is song puts into perspective how faith should work. Even in the midst of so many losing their jobs, people becoming sick, diagnosed diseases, and so on — we must remember that God is there. There is no longer a reason to live in fear.

“It’s Okay,” in my opinion, is literally a song that piggybacks off of “Already Done.” The lyrics reminds us that God is always there, holding us.

​The song, “I Would Be Lost,” teaches us about being thankful. So often we fall short in life, but God is always there to pick us back up. Vaughn helps us to remember that even among everything happening, God will always be there to give us joy and life. Without God being there, we would be completely lost.

Recommended Download…

Without a doubt, “Already Done” automatically drew me in with it’s upbeat rift. It’s a song that makes me want to dance around with knowing that God has everything under control. Certainly a song that I’m adding to my playlist of favorite songs.

Thomas Lineweaver
Thomas Lineweaverhttps://tommyclineweaver.com
Thomas Lineweaver is a real likable guy with a passion for technology, design, music, and helping mankind. He is an accomplished journalist, writer, and podcaster since 2012. He currently resides in Nashville, TN with his husband Michael.


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