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“Dominion” by Skillet Album Review


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What You Need To Know…

Dominion is Skillet’s 11th studio album. After 25 years, the band continues to deliver rock music with biblical messages. Dominion was led by four singles, including “Surviving the Game” and “Refuge,” and extensive mainstream media presence and influence from the band. Lead singer John Cooper’s biblical life verses Romans 8:38-39 have shaped his songwriting throughout time. And this project is no different. Dominion is a celebration of freedom and overcoming our trials with faith in God.

What It Sounds Like…

Skillet has continued its electronica sound used on previous albums without it being too prominent. However, Dominion offers some of the best songs that the band has written in recent years. These songs feature harmonization from John and fellow vocalist Jen Ledger. The ballads are radio-friendly and offer calming moments between the high-energy offerings. Fans of both new and mid-era Skillet will love this record.

Spiritual Insight…

Skillet’s boldness in their faith is partially why they are a huge influence, both in music and media. Dominion is no exception. The messages found in these songs are, as the band says, celebrations of freedom. Some of the songwriting sounds familiar, because the theme of hope and power is frequent in the band’s discography.

The messages found in Dominion are ones we need to hear, whether we’re believers or not. Prayerful lyrics found in “Refuge” and “Valley of Death” will meet Christians in their walk with God and encourage them onward. Meanwhile, explosive tracks like “Surviving The Game” and “Shout Your Freedom” will offer much needed motivation to any who hear them. Overall, the celebration of freedom echoes Jesus’ salvation well.

Recommended Download…

Skillet is renowned for two elements in their music: anthemic rock tracks and heart-felt ballads. Both are present, so I’ll offer my thoughts on both. Out of the ballads, “Valley of Death,” “Refuge,” and “Forever or the End,” the third is the strongest. The harmonies between Jen and John Cooper beloved by many and shine well. “Forever or the End” also echoes a Comatose-era sound while fitting well into this modern set.

As for the best rock song, there are several fantastic new ones to choose from, but “Destiny” is the standout. There is great energy throughout the song, balancing both the emotional charge and rock and roll power. The melodic parts remind me of songs like “Awake and Alive” from their 2009 album, Awake, or “I Want to Live” from their 2016 album, Unleashed. The message is one of longing for better days; coming out of the darkness we find ourselves in.


Skillet’s 11th record, Dominion, proves that the band is not losing their touch in the rock arena. They are consistent, which means that there are songs you expect and will find. However, the band has shown significant growth – both incorporating some of their recent works and otherwise pushing in a fresh, modern rock direction. The closing track is an anomaly, and a couple of the ballads feel dated, but as always, Skillet shines on all the energetic tracks. Skillet’s Dominion offers motivation while focusing on victory and freedom through excellent rock music.

Thomas Lineweaver
Thomas Lineweaverhttps://tommyclineweaver.com
Thomas Lineweaver is a real likable guy with a passion for technology, design, music, and helping mankind. He is an accomplished journalist, writer, and podcaster since 2012. He currently resides in Nashville, TN with his husband Michael.


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